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Spoken Word Artist                      Author                      Mental Health Advocate

For over 15 years, my captivating speeches, performance poetry, and compelling writings have delighted audiences worldwide. As someone who grew up in the Midwest, the son of hardworking steel workers (with my father being a 30+ year mortician), the value of hard work was ingrained in me from an early age. Despite achieving the status of a Top 25 world ranked poet, a 2x best-selling author, and completing a distinguished 20-year military career in 2022, I continue to approach my crafts with the same passion and dedication as if I had never received any accolades. This mindset keeps me grounded and fuels my relentless pursuit of my passions, constantly striving to elevate my work. While others may doubt your capabilities, let their skepticism serve as a humbling reminder to stay hungry for more. In a world that craves transparency, do not shy away from speaking your own truth, even when it stings. Enjoy my website to experience the transformative power of my words and witness the impact of my unwavering commitment to excellence.



With 10 novels and two self help books that have been acquired by numerous figures in sports and entertainment, enter into the world of a multi talented artist.



The art of bringing poetry to life.


Artist Joemac: "Organ Traffic"

Artist Joemac: "Organ Traffic"

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Tulsa 100 year commemoration of Black Wall Street Massacre
Burlington, Vermont Juneteenth 2021
2023 Colorado Springs Juneteenth Festival
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