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The Mission

"The way you treat the janitor tells me all I need to know about you character."

I began my mission by sharing my story, my journey through anxiety, with anyone who would listen. My words resonated, not because they were simply a nice speech, but because they carried the weight of authenticity and empathy. I understood the depths of their pain, having traversed through the darkest corners of my own mind. Each word I spoke dripped with understanding, as if I was reaching out a hand to pull them back into the light.


The Story

Coming up, my parents had a turbulent marriage, filled with constant arguments and bitter resentment. Their toxic relationship took a major toll on me, leaving me feeling lost and emotionally drained. But amidst the chaos, there was one person who saw something inside of me that no one else did – my English Literature teacher, Mrs. Brenda Joshua.


Mrs. Joshua recognized a gift within me, a spark of creativity and passion for words. She saw the potential for me to become a powerful writer and poet. With her unwavering support and encouragement, she pushed me to explore my talent and express myself through writing. It became my refuge, my solace in the midst of the storm.


As I delved deeper into the world of literature, I discovered that writing was more than just a hobby for me. It became my outlet, a way to channel my feelings and emotions in a healthy and productive manner. Through the power of words, I could articulate the pain and confusion that consumed me, gradually finding a sense of clarity and peace within the chaos of my life.


Fast forward twenty years, and I found myself completing a career in the Navy. Little did I know that this journey would open my eyes to a whole new world of struggles that many face. I witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of mental health issues among my fellow Sailors and Marines – lives lost to depression, anxiety, and a pervasive sense of hopelessness.


The darkness I encountered within the military was overwhelming. However, my own experiences taught me about resilience and the importance of finding an outlet. I realized that not everyone has the tools or the ability to control their pain like I had. And so, with a renewed sense of purpose, I made it my mission to lend a helping hand to those in need.


Throughout my own personal battles, I had come to understand that the path to healing is a multifaceted one. It requires more than just strength and determination; it demands support and guidance. I recognized the power of therapy, both in the performing arts and through licensed professionals. These resources became my lifeline, helping me navigate the darkest moments of my life.


Every day is still an uphill battle, but I refuse to let my struggles define me. My journey has taught me empathy and compassion, transforming me into a person who is here for others, regardless of their race, color, creed, or sexual orientation. I carry the weight of what I have been through, using it to fuel my dedication to helping others find their own light within the darkness.


In a world where many only see the glitz and glamour of celebrities, I know there is a deep-rooted pain that often goes unnoticed. But I also know that beneath those stories and images lies a narrative of mental and physical anguish that must be acknowledged. I share my own experiences openly, to remind others that they are not alone.


So, with a dramatic voice, I declare my commitment to being a guiding light, a voice of hope and understanding for all who are struggling. Together, we can break the stigma surrounding mental health and create a world where everyone has the resources and support they need to heal.


"Do not let making a living prevent you from making a life." -John Wooden

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